Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Add your giveaway!~

Hi Everyone - time to add your great giveaways to the list. This one starts 2/12/2009

I would LOVE to add all giveaways to my blog but unfortunately I cannot add them all. Mister Linky to the rescue.

If you would like your giveaway added to MB's Bloggy Sweeps, please just create a link on our new Mister Linky "Lucky Stars Thursdays"! A new Mister Linky will be added EVERY OTHER Thursday give or take a day or two....

Because of my responsibilities at home, work, etc, I am making these bi-weekly. My apologies but this way I can be sure that everyone can submit their giveaways. This one is a little late for last week and a little early for this week :)

- Add a direct link to your giveaway post. Please add your link in abbreviated format your blog name / prize / end date.
- When you are done feel free to post a brief comment!

And when you are done with THAT, have fun visiting the other giveaways posted!


Luanne said...

Thanks Marybeth!

Felicia said...

How cool of you to do this!!!

Luanne said...

Thanks again!

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