Monday, January 5, 2009

Regsiter to Win some Pop'rs!

Veggie Mom is at it again - trying to get us all to remember to eat our veggies! For most adults this is not too big of a problem, but for some, like my hubby, it is a little more challenging. My kids would also prefer mac and cheese, hot dogs, pizza and fast food vs. some wholesome veggies. I really do try to get them to eat right but it is a consistent work in progress. I constantly introduce and reintroduce foods in order to get my kiddos to expand their tastes and eat right.

Pop'rs to the rescue! Pop'rs are kid fun flavorings that you sprinkle on food - Pop'rs come in 8 flavors - Pop'rs® are available in EIGHT FLAVORS: strawberry, raspberry, color burst, cinnamon, cocoa, taco, buffalo and butter.

Veggie Mom is hosting a giveaway where 5 grand prize winners will receive
a complete set of Pop'rs...All Eight Flavors! ...and T-Shirts for the family!

Find out more and enter HERE!

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