Friday, November 21, 2008

going green?

Here is a kit to get you started...

Jumpstart to Green is sponsoring a giveaway on Focus Organics (link at bottom of post)

The wonderful people at Jumpstart to Green have offered Focus Organic readers a chance to win their Jumpstart Complete™ kit, an $89.99 value!

Included in the kit up for grabs is:
  • 4 best-on-the-market compact fluorescent bulbs (75w equiv)
  • 2 zip-top insulated grocery bags
  • 1 Klean Kanteen™ water bottle
  • 1 toilet tank bank
  • 1 shower timer
  • 3 Euro Sponge cloths
  • 1 junkmail reducer kit: 4 stamped, addressed envelopes and forms
  • 1 Guide to Green: 6 laminated pages brilliantly organized for easy use
  • 1 Jumpstart Tracker: track your bills, waste and progress
  • 5 clever around-the-house reminders
  • 1 car static sticker to subtly encourage your friends to jumpstart their green living
  • 1 Smart Strip™ powerstrip
  • 1 refrigerator thermometer
  • 1 hot water temperature card
According to the company, customers who purchase this kit save an average of $90 a month by using the products and the tips provided. For more descriptions on the products included in the kit, and for the benefits of the products, visit the descriptions page.

Find out more and enter here!

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